Engineered Living Materials Institute

Vision: The ELMI will serve as the collaborative hub for both basic science and technology development related to materials built of and/or by engineered, non-mammalian, living organisms. Long term, the ELMI will revolutionize technology for society through reimagined infrastructure and human scale products, and enable off-world exploration and habitation, through materials and structures that are grown from renewable resources rather than manufactured, are robust to damage events, and adapt based on environmental user inputs. Our scope includes hybrid structures as well, in which synthetic components are used opportunistically to enhance function where biology is weaker (e.g. for near instantaneous electrical computation).

(full website currently under development)

Open Postdoc Call – deadline extended to June 1, 2022

Core Faculty Members

Buz Barstow, Biological and Environmental Engineering

Ilana Brito, Biomedical Engineering

Laura Gunn, Plant Biology Section School of Integrative Plant Science

Maria Harrison, Boyce Thompson Institute

Christopher Hernandez, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Sarah Kreps, Government

Sijin Li, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Alyosha Molnar, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Adrienne Roeder, Weill Institute for Cell & Molecular Biology

Jenny Sabin, Architecture

Robert Shepherd, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Rong Yang, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Jingjie Yeo, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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