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Available Positions

Postdoctoral Researchers

We do not have any open positions at this time however, the MMD lab will support applications to Cornell postdoctoral fellowships. Please email Prof. Silberstein with an attached CV and brief statement of interests.

Graduate Research Assistants

Already Admitted to Cornell’s Ph.D. Program

Ph.D. students already admitted to Cornell should email or visit Prof. Meredith Silberstein in 281 Kimball Hall. Prospective students are welcome at group meetings. Group meetings are Monday 4-5pm in Kimball 283. If you would like to attend virtually, please email Prof. Silberstein for the Zoom link. For fall 2023 we will likely be recruiting for engineered living materials (bacteria, fungi, and plants) and dynamically bonding polymers (vitrimers and metal coordination). Projects will involve a mix of experiments, theory, and simulation.

Not Yet Admitted to Cornell’s Ph.D. Program

To be eligible to join Prof Silberstein’s group, students must first be admitted into the Ph.D. program at Cornell University, typically in the graduate fields of Mechanical Engineering or Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. Information on the Mechanical Engineering program can be found here. You will also find a list of frequently asked questions on this website. Note that the admission deadlines are typically in December or early January for Fall admission, and that applications outside of the regular cycle are not considered for admission. Contacting Prof Silberstein by email in advance with an explanation of why you are interested in joining the group will facilitate the admissions process.

Undergraduate or Masters Students

Motivated students currently enrolled at Cornell are encouraged to inquire about available projects. Emails welcome with a resume or brief description of any mechanical engineering, materials, or programming classes and/or experience. For fall 2023 we will be seeking MS students interested in experimental, theoretical, and computational work related to engineering living materials, dynamically bonded polymers, polymer composites, and biodegradation.

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