Another Summer of Conferences

Prof Silberstein kicked off the summer at the annual Society for Experimental Mechanics conference where she gave of talk on non-woven mechanics focusing on work by PhD student Naigeng Chen. Along with with first author Elizabeth Jones, Prof Silberstein was presented the Hetenyi Award for best paper in Experimental Mechanics from the previous year.

That same week Naigeng presented a poster of his latest non-woven experimental technique at the annual CHESS users meeting on the Cornell campus.

In early August Prof Silberstein gave an invited talk on mechanochemistry at the US-Japan Young Researcher’s symposium on Mechanics of Materials hosted by
Stony Brook University.IMG_2374

Finally, Prof Silberstein, Naigeng, and PhD student Suwon Bai headed up to Montreal for the International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics  (aka the summer olympics of mechanics).  Prof Silberstein and Naigeng each gave talks and Suwon presented a poster.


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