Part of the MMD lab is participating in the U.S. National Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics this week.

Check out our talks on Wednesday 6/22: Srikar Srivatsa is speaking at 2:45pm in the “Mechanics of Architected Materials” session. Nikola Bosnjak is speaking at 4:45pm in the “Soft Matter Mechanics, Physics and Devices” session. Meredith Silberstein is speaking at 10:55am in the “Mechanics of Soft Matter: From Living Systems to Functional Composites” session.

Please also attend the sessions we’re co-organizing with Noy Cohen (Technion) and Shawn Chester (NJIT) on Mechanics of Polymeric Gels (TS5 and TS6). They’re Tuesday 6/21 starting at 1:45pm and 3:45pm.

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